How to Choose the Best Image Hosting Service


Image hosting is the process of uploading images to a remote server so that they can be easily linked to other websites or applications. This is a more efficient solution than hosting the files on your website which could eat up precious space and bandwidth.

When selecting an image hosting service, it’s important to consider a wide range of factors like storage capacity, ease of use and security. Also, you should take into consideration whether the service has features that can help you to be more flexible like direct linking, image galleries, HTML links, editing tools and privacy options.

Depending on the audience and your preferences, certain image hosting sites are more suitable than others. For example, PostImage is a popular free image hosting site that comes with simple tools that allow users to upload multiple images simultaneously and choose the dimensions you want them to be displayed at (avatars and message boards as well as 21-inch monitors). It also has an impressive CDN integrated into it so your images can be served up super quickly.

Another option is 500px, a global photography network that hosts billions of photos and millions of groups to share them with. This is a great choice for photographers who want to get noticed and fame and build their brand and connect with potential clients.

Flickr is a different option. It’s a renowned web-based image hosting service that is free and has an extensive user base and a few basic features. It’s owned by Oath/Verizon and is targeted at amateur photographers who want to monetize their work and expand their businesses.

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